Sky Cinema's new releases in June

Find out which new films are coming this June.

June will see some excellent films added to Sky Cinema, featuring everything from hitmen  to runaway pensioners to murderous animatronic bears. And, of course, Jason Statham battling giant prehistoric sharks.

Read on for all the new releases coming to Sky Cinema this month.

Sky Cinema new releases: What’s on in June

Bonus Track - 1st June

16-year-old George (Joe Anders) is convinced that one day he’ll be a musical sensation, even if no one else in his small town is all that interested. When Max (Samuel Small) - the son of a famous musical duo - joins the school, the pair form a productive partnership, and start to grow much closer.

A charming coming-of-age romance with a great young cast. Co-written by and starring Josh O’Connor (The CrownChallengers).

Ride On - 2nd June

Washed-up stunt man Lao Luo (Jackie Chan) and his stunt horse Red Hare find unexpected fame - and a boatload of trouble - when a video of the two of them fighting debt collectors goes viral. Yes, this is a movie where Jackie Chan teams up with a horse.

Expect all the Chan trademarks from this one - spectacular stunts, fast-paced action and perfectly calibrated physical comedy.

And, of course, a sassy horse.

Meg 2: The Trench - 7th June

Credit: MEG 2: THE TRENCH - OFFICIAL TRAILER (Warner Bros. Pictures, YouTube)

While exploring the depths of the Mariana Trench, Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) and his team come across an illegal underwater mining operation. Things inevitably go south, resulting in an explosion that rips open the Trench, releasing several huge, prehistoric sharks and a host of other giant beasties.

Pure, silly fun - which is exactly what a film about Jason Statham fighting giant sharks should be.

The Royal Hotel - 8th June

Credit: THE ROYAL HOTEL - Official Trailer (Neon, YouTube)

Short on funds while backpacking across Australia, two young Americans (Jessica Henwick and Julia Garner) find work behind the bar of an extremely remote pub, somewhere in the outback. Soon enough, tensions between the locals and the outsiders begin to rise, with bloody results.

This is a tense, dynamic thriller that plays with audience expectations and keeps you guessing throughout. Also stars Hugo Weaving (The MatrixLord of the Rings).

Am I OK? - 9th June

Lucy (Dakota Johnson) is in her early thirties and stuck in a relationship rut. She struggles to find any kind of connection with any of the guys she dates, and is starting to suspect that it might be because she actually likes women.

What ensues is a funny, honest and awkward journey of self-discovery, guided by Lucy’s best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno).

The Great Escaper - 14th June

Credit: Pathe - The Great Escaper Official Trailer (Warner Bros. UK & Ireland, YouTube)

Based on a true story, this follows Bernie Jordan (Michael Caine), an 89-year-old veteran of World War II who is so determined to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day ceremonies in Normandy - despite constantly being told that he is in no fit shape - that he launches an ‘escape’ from his retirement home and makes the trip alone.

A heartwarming, uplifting story about forgiveness and determination, also starring the late, great Glenda Jackson in her final screen role.

American Star - 15th June

While waiting on a delayed target in Fuerteventura, Wilson (Ian McShane), an ageing hitman, finds himself drawn to the landscape, the people and a spooky old shipwreck. When the target eventually turns up, Wilson’s priorities have shifted, and nothing seems to be as simple as it once was.

Combining a simmering, introspective tone and kinetic action sequences, this looks like an interesting take on the classic one-last-job genre of action movies.

Ruthless - 16th June

When one of high school wrestling coach Harry’s (Dermot Mulroney) students disappears - in circumstances suspiciously similar to the murder of his own daughter, years previously - he takes matters into his own hands, determined to save the girl and hunt down the men who kidnapped her.

This promises to be a brutal one-man-army revenge thriller in the vein of action classics Taken and Man on Fire.

Five Nights at Freddy's - 21st June

Credit: Five Nights At Freddy's | Official Trailer (Universal Pictures, YouTube)

Based on the hit video game series, this one sees out-of-work Mike (Josh Hutcherson) take a job as a security guard at Freddie Fazbear’s Pizzeria - a creepy, abandoned theme restaurant. What seems like easy money at first quickly becomes a fight for survival as he discovers that the restaurant’s animatronic characters are possessed by the ghosts of dead children, and out for murderous revenge.

This horror comedy has gore, frights and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, perfect for fans of the games - or fans of horror in general.

Sometimes I Think About Dying - 22nd June

Credit: Sometimes I Think About Dying - Official Trailer (Oscilloscope Laboratories, YouTube)

A quirky, witty character drama about the unexpected connection that develops between an introverted office worker (Daisy Ridley) and her outgoing and friendly new colleague (Dave Merheje)

This is a blackly funny gem with a flair for the surreal and a tour-de-force performance from a post-Star Wars Ridley.

The Shamrock Spitfire - 23rd June

The true story of Irish fighter pilot Brendan ‘Paddy’ Finucane, who became one of the most celebrated aces of World War II and - at the age of 21 - the RAF’s youngest ever Wing Commander.

An inspiring, deeply nostalgic watch.

A Sacrifice - 28th June

In Berlin, American social psychologist Ben Monroe (Eric Bana) is investigating a sinister cult with ties to disturbing events. Meanwhile, his rebellious teenage daughter Mazzy (Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink) is unwittingly entering the same cult’s sphere of influence.

Inspired by Nicholas Hogg’s 2015 novel Tokyo Nobody, this is a creepy, queasy psychological thriller, directed by Jordan Scott and produced by her father - legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott.

Drift - 29th June

A young Liberian refugee (Cynthia Erivo) is struggling to survive, alone and penniless, on a small Greek island. A chance meeting with a rootless tour guide (Alia Shawkat) sparks a close friendship, and together the two women confront their pasts and find a way to move forward.

This looks to be an engaging, emotional watch with some powerful performances - especially the always brilliant Erivo as troubled refugee Jacqueline. 

LaRoy, Texas - 30th June

Ray’s (John Magaro) life seems to be going nowhere: he’s broke, depressed and his wife is cheating on him. But when he’s mistakenly hired to kill someone, he must team up with his best friend, private investigator Skip (Steve Zahn), to escape the real hitman and make it out of LaRoy with his life.

A blackly funny crime caper in the tradition of early Coen Brothers thrillers like Blood Simple and Fargo

What are Sky Premieres?

Sky Premieres are the films that have arrived on Sky Cinema most recently, with the biggest films getting a major highlight.

These Sky Premiere movies often include some of the year’s biggest releases or major blockbusters from the last couple of years.

The Sky Cinema Premiere channel is the place to watch the new films that are introduced to the catalogue each month, but they can also be found on demand under the New to Sky Cinema section.

Is Sky Cinema the same as Sky Movies?

In a word, yes. Following a rebrand in 2016, Sky Movies is now called Sky Cinema, and offers an even wider range of titles and exclusives than ever before.

Sky Cinema boasts more of the latest blockbusters than anywhere else - including new and exclusive Sky Original films - and an extensive catalogue of over 1,000 movies on demand.

Top movies on Sky Cinema

Sky prides itself on bringing the latest and very best movies to its incredibly deep catalogue of films.

You can see many of the top films from across the year on Sky Cinema soon after leaving theatres, so you never have to wait long if you missed out on a big release.

Be sure to get set up with a Sky Cinema package if you haven’t got one already. You can find many great Sky Cinema deals on Digital TV.

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