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Our latest Sky TV packages

We plan to keep bringing you the best Sky has to offer in 2023. With TV deals and packages with something for everyone, there's a reason Sky has over 23 million customers worldwide.

Now we're in November, which means Black Friday is coming soon... for most places. At Sky, the big sales day has come earlier as Black Friday deals are already here and are staying for the month! Bag yourself some amazing deals as Sky announces their lowest-ever prices across their range in the Bigger Black Friday sales!

No matter the type of Sky package you’re looking for, we’re sure we’ve got it. Whether you’re new and want to join Sky or you’re an existing customer, either scroll down and check out our packages or give our dedicated Sky team a call. We've selected some of the top packages Sky is currently offering, and you'll find you could make a sizeable saving by picking one of the deals below! 

We work with Sky to bring you the very best packages and deals, that’s why when you click on one of the links below you’ll be taken straight to Sky’s own website where you can complete your purchase. While these packages might remain the same, the prices do vary, so we will do our best to keep them up to date for you

Sky Bigger Black Friday feature deals

While regular deals will be running at the same time, Sky's Bigger Black Friday deals represent the best offers that they have for customers, some the best they have ever offered!

At Digital TV, we are proud to be an affiliate of Sky, and are delighted to be able to offer customers some fantastic exclusive deals that not even Sky are offering!

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix

£19.00 a month (down from £29.00)

Sky TV with Netflix for only £19 a month

  • Get Sky Stream and Netflix together
  • Over 100 channels in stunning HD
  • No dish and no engineer visit needed
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Sky Superfast Fibre 80

£25.00 a month (down from £34.50)

  • 61Mbps average speed
  • Unlimited fibre
  • No upfront cost
  • Exclusive price!
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Sky Stream + Superfast Fibre 80

£36.00 a month (down from £64.50)

  • Sky TV without the dish
  • 61Mbps average speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Stream + Ultrafast Fibre

£39.00 a month (down from £69.00)

Stunning price for TV and fibre!

  • Sky TV without the dish
  • Average download speed of 145Mbps
  • No upfront cost
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Superfast Broadband

£54.00 a month (down from £86.50)

  • No dish installation needed
  • Exclusive live sports such as Premier League football and Formula 1
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix included
  • 61Mbps average download speeds
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Superfast Broadband

£44.00 a month (down from £72.50)

  • No dish installation needed
  • 11 dedicated Sky Cinema channels
  • Sky Entertainment, Netflix and Paramount+ included
  • 61Mbps average download speeds
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Stream TV packages 

Sky's newest release, Sky Stream, has proved extremely popular within the TV market. The flexibility of being able to order it and set it up yourself on your very own television, with no need for a satellite dish or an engineer, is extremely attractive for both new and existing customers. 

For existing Sky customers, it's a great option if you're unhappy with the appearance of the satellite dish on your house or looking to declutter your TV cabinet in your living room with the smaller Sky puck, while simultaneously turning your existing TV into a Sky smart television, with all the inner-workings Sky Glass has to offer. 

For new customers looking to join Sky, there's a monthly rolling option for extreme flexibility, enjoying the very best of Sky without committing to a lengthy contract, while still being able to make the most of Sky Stream's perks.

Many of the packages also come packaged together with Sky Broadband, providing the ease of having the two major services coupled together as one bill each month.

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports & Cinema

£45.00 a month (down from £80.00)

The best combination for the full Sky TV experience!

  • Sky TV without the dish
  • Over 100 channels in stunning HD
  • Netflix & Paramount+ included
  • 8 dedicated Sky Sports channels & 12 Sky Cinema channels!
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 As Sky Stream is still new to many, have a read of our guide. Hopefully, the answers to any questions you might have will be in there - What is Sky Stream? | Sky Stream costs, packages & information.

It’s also worth mentioning that whether you opt for the 18-month contract or monthly rolling Stream package, your upfront cost purchases the Sky Stream puck, which will be yours to keep.

Sky Broadband packages

Whether there are a few of you under the same roof streaming or you only want to surf the internet while watching the odd programme here and there on Netflix, there’s a broadband package for everyone, no matter your needs. 

We have provided a mixture of FTTC and FTTP Sky Broadband deals as what might be available to you depends on your location. 

In October, Sky launched a new full-fibre package called Sky Full Fibre 100, which sits between Superfast 80 and Ultrafast. It's available now for those whose households are FTTP capable.

Sky Superfast Fibre 35

£27.00 a month (down from £34.50)

  • 36Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
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Sky Superfast Fibre 80 & WiFi Max

£32.50 a month (down from £42.00)

  • 61Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
  • Sky WiFi Max - the latest WiFi-boosting technology!
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Sky Full Fibre 100

£38.00 a month (down from £43.00)

  • Newest Sky full fibre offering!
  • 100Mbps average speed
  • Unlimited usage
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Sky Ultrafast Fibre

£29.00 a month (down from £38.00)

  • 150Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
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Sky Ultrafast Fibre & WiFi Max

£36.50 a month (down from £45.50)

  • 150Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
  • Sky WiFi Max - the latest WiFi-boosting technology!
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Sky Ultrafast Plus Fibre

£35.00 a month (down from £53.00)

  • 500Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
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Sky Gigafast Fibre

£48.00 a month (down from £63.00)

Gigabit broadband has come to Sky!

  • 900Mbps average download speed
  • No upfront cost
  • Line rental included
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 Did you know? 

There are two types of broadband with the Openreach Network that Sky uses, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP). FTTC is the most common, with speeds reaching up to an average download speed of 66-74MBps (as shown with Sky’s Superfast Broadband). Any speeds higher than that with Openreach internet service providers will be due to FTTP packages, which are only available in select locations due to the expense of installing it. 

Sky Sports packages

Sky Sports is included in a lot of packages, so we thought we'd give you some variety. You can also get your Sky Stream & Sports packaged together with broadband. We've highlighted one below but there are more to choose from.

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports

£37.00 a month (down from £61.00)

  • Sky without the dish!
  • Over 100 channels in HD
  • Over 500 Box Sets to enjoy
  • Exclusive live sport with Sky Sports, including Premier League
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Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Ultrafast Broadband

£57.00 a month (down from £74.00)

  • No dish installation needed
  • Exclusive live sports such as Premier League football and Formula 1
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix included
  • 150Mbps average download speeds
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Cinema packages

Sky Cinema offers something brilliant for everyone. They boast 11 channels with each being dedicated to a different genre, so you can enjoy a side-splitting comedy then switch over to a tense thriller.

They also host a lot of the latest movies very soon after being out of cinemas. Speaking of cinemas, right now you will get two free cinema tickets with a purchase of any Sky Cinema package!

Like with Sky Sports, there is a range of Sky Stream & Cinema with broadband packages available.

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema

£27.00 a month (down from £48.00)

  • Sky Stream - TV without the dish!
  • 11 dedicated Sky Cinema channels
  • Over 100 channels in HD
  • Netflix included
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Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Ultrafast Broadband

£47.00 a month (down from £60.00)

  • No dish installation needed
  • 11 dedicated Sky Cinema channels
  • Sky Entertainment, Netflix and Paramount+ included
  • 150Mbps average download speeds
  • Lowest ever price!
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Sky Glass packages 

Sky Glass has been extremely popular since its launch, with it costing from as little as just £14 a month along with the Sky package you subscribe to each month. 

Check out our Sky Glass packages & personalise your Glass TV. 

For more information on Sky Glass and the packages that are available, check out our guide What is Sky Glass? | All your Sky Glass questions

What are the Sky Glass prices and sizes? 

The Sky Glass televisions come in three sizes, and can be purchased outright or on a monthly basis:

  • Small (43") - £14 a month or £699 outright
  • Medium (55") - £19 a month £899 outright
  • Large (65") - £24 a month £1149 outright*

*Subject to status and individual circumstance. Representative example: Total payment for 43" Sky Glass - £672; Upfront payment - £10
Total credit - £672; Length of agreement - 48 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%
Additional subscriptions are charged separately to the Sky Glass credit agreement.

Sky Talk packages 

Sky Talk is available to take with any Sky Broadband package. Sky Pay As You Talk means you only pay for the calls you make, but other options can be added on at a cost, such as Evenings & Weekends Extra. For more information check out our Sky Talk deals page. 

Popular information on Sky packages

Multiscreen vs the Whole Home package 

Multiscreen vs the Whole Home Package

Sky Multiscreen is an add-on for Sky Q packages. For a monthly fee, you’ll be able to extend your Sky viewing to other places in your home using the Sky Mini Box.  

The Whole Home add-on is exclusive to Sky Glass and Sky Stream packages but works in the same way as Sky Multiscreen would, except instead of Sky Mini Boxes, you’ll have the Sky puck. The Sky puck is what comes as standard with Sky Stream, but is also used as a content-extender for both Glass and Stream. 

What Sky packages are available for new customers?

Quite often new customers with Sky will be eligible for new-customer exclusive Sky packages, which means you’ll receive some kind of benefit or bonus for joining via that particular package. 

After the contract ends, the new-customer package will resume at its regular price, at which point you should look to get a new deal at a cheaper price. However, prices can change throughout your contract due to RPI, despite the fact you signed onto a particular new-customer deal for a certain fixed price. 

If you leave Sky, you have to wait around 12 months before you can be classed as a new customer, and re-join via one of their new-customer exclusive packages. This is to prevent people from taking advantage of the many offers and deals Sky usually have on. 

Most of the deals you see above are actually all for new customers. Existing customers will probably be paying more than the cost of the packages above, despite the fact they might have subscribed to exactly the same one, but this will be due to RPI as mentioned above. If the deal boxes within the article were made available to existing customers, people would just keep switching to a new deal every time their bill went up. 

Sky upgrades for existing customers

If you subscribe to a Sky package and want to add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for example, you'll be able to take advantage of any limited-time offer if there is one at the time of your upgrade. 

For example, Sky might have a price reduction on Sky Cinema, in which case you'll be able to add Sky Cinema to your existing Sky package at the reduced price, which would also be the price new customers would pay if they were to join with Sky Cinema at the same time.

What are the Sky package add-on prices?

Sky package add-on prices vary greatly depending on what you opt for, and a lot of different prices are included within this article among the various selected deal boxes. Sky Broadband packages tend to remain competitive, while other Sky package prices differ depending on the add-ons you choose. Each add-on has a set price which will add a monthly cost and sometimes an upfront fee. See the list below: 

  • Sky Sports - £25 a month
  • Sky Cinema - £11 a month
  • BT Sport - £28 a month
  • Ultimate TV Add On (Netflix) - £6 a month
  • Disney Plus - £7.99 a month
  • Kids - £6 a month
  • Multiscreen (Sky Q) - £10 a month
  • Ultra HD+HD - £12 a month
  • HD - £8 a month

While these prices are correct at the time of writing (01/02/2023) they vary quite regularly, and can also differ between the type of Sky product you opt for. For example, the prices can vary between Sky Stream and Sky Q add-ons, and between whether you opt for the 18-month option or monthly-rolling with Sky Stream. 

What’s Sky's most basic TV package? 

There are technically two Sky TV basic packages, Ultimate TV and Sky Signature. 

With Ultimate TV you’ll gain access to Sky TV, with over 100 channels not on Freeview plus over 500 Box Sets, and the Ultimate TV Add On, which includes the basic Netflix subscription. 

Sky Signature comes with the 100 channels and 500 Box Sets but without Ultimate TV (Netflix), but the prices are exactly the same. The Netflix that comes with Ultimate TV is the very basic version, but still preferable over Signature, which doesn't come with Netflix (unless stated within the package!). 

With the addition of Sky Stream, Entertainment & Netflix is the most basic Sky Stream package Sky has to offer. With this comes Sky Signature, 388 channels & 20 HD channels, no upfront cost and the basic Netflix subscription. 

What channels do you get with Sky's basic TV package?

The Sky basic package comes with your general Freeview channels alongside the Sky TV channels. See the list of the most popular Sky channels below: 

  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Showcase
  • Sky Max 
  • Sky Comedy
  • Sky Sci-Fi
  • Sky Witness
  • Sky History
  • Sky Documentaries 
  • Sky Crime
  • Sky Nature
  • Comedy Central
  • Peacock
  • Alibi 
  • Nickelodeon 

What does Sky's basic TV package not come with?

The basic Sky package only comes with the channels mentioned above, plus a few more. Sky Cinema and Sky Sports have to be purchased separately by adding them to your Sky Ultimate TV bundle. 

How much is Sky's most basic TV package? 

For Ultimate TV you’re looking at £19 as standard if there’s no offer or promotional deal on. 

At the time of writing (02/10/2023) Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix is priced at £19 per month, making it the same price as Ultimate TV.

If you want the basic Sky Stream package on a monthly rolling basis you’ll be paying slightly more per month than you would with the Sky Stream 18-month contract. 

As for upfront prices, these too can differ depending on promotional offers. Sky Stream will cost you £39.95 upfront if you opt for the monthly-rolling contract, or £20 upfront if you opt for the 18-month contract option. The upfront payment effectively purchases the Sky puck that’s needed for Sky Stream, so even if you leave Sky, you get to hold onto the puck. 

What is the cheapest Sky package? 

The cheapest Sky package will be the Sky TV basic package which comes with what is mentioned above. 

Prices might differ according to whether or not promotional deals are applicable to the Sky basic TV packages. Below we talk about how much the Sky TV basic packages are.

What can I add to Sky's basic TV package?

What can I add to Sky's basic TV package?

These are the extras you can add to Sky's basic TV package: 

  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Kids
  • BT Sport
  • UHD & Dolby Atmos
  • Ad Skipping (with Glass and Stream)
  • Netflix Standard or Premium (Netflix Basic is free)

Do Sky Q packages still exist? 

Yes, Sky Q packages are still available with Sky, despite the recent release of Sky Glass and Sky Stream. 

The more traditional Sky Q has been a popular choice among existing Sky customers, with many enjoying features only available with Sky Q, such as the ability to record your favourite TV programmes or movies and store them on the hard drive. However, with everything available on demand now, people are switching to Glass and Stream. It is unlikely that Sky Q will remain a core product for much longer.

Can I upgrade my existing Sky package?

Whether you want to add broadband to a current Sky TV package, or vice versa, Sky will certainly accommodate your needs when it comes to upgrading your current Sky package. 

If your contract with your Sky package is coming to an end and you’re worried about paying more for your current deal, it’s absolutely worth phoning Sky and trying to negotiate a better price for the content you’re currently subscribed to.

Frequently asked questions on Sky promo code

What is a Sky promo code?

What is a Sky promo code?

A promo code - or voucher code - is something that can be applied to a Sky deal to save you money. 

Sky voucher codes can also take the form of credit, and will be stored on your Sky account for future use. 

What are examples of Sky promo codes? 

Promo codes with Sky can take the form of account credit, reward vouchers or simply money off certain deals. 

Promo codes can also be applied on some websites using browser extensions, which will recognise an eligible website and suggest a code to try, which might work or might not - they tend to be a bit temperamental. 

How do I redeem a Sky promo code on Sky’s website? 

  • Go to skystore.com/redeem.
  • Enter your voucher code.
  • Press Redeem.
  • Sign in using your Sky iD, or create one if you haven’t got one. 
  • The value of the voucher will then be credited to your account. 

Are Sky promo codes legit? 

A lot of the deals you see on voucher websites have already had Sky’s promotional offer applied to them, so no promo code is needed to receive the discount. We’ve provided some examples of Sky’s money-saving promo offers in this article. 

Can Sky promo or voucher codes be used by existing Sky customers? 

Usually, the promotional offers with Sky are for new customers only, because they are applied at the beginning of the contract. 

However, voucher codes credited to your account using the method we have explained above can be used by existing customers in the Sky Store to either rent or purchase movies and box sets. If you’re purchasing a movie or box set you can send it straight to your Sky box to be able to watch it on your TV. However, online rentals can only be watched online.

How do I compare Sky packages with Digital TV?  

If you'd like to see the full range of Sky packages available to you in your area you can head on over to our compare Sky packages main page.

Once you've entered your postcode you'll be able to filter the type of product(s) you're after (broadband, TV or phone), the broadband type, your monthly usage and which provider(s) you're after. 

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