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Use this guide for all your Sky Contact Number needs. 

Call our dedicated Sky team on 0330 165 6733

If you're thinking of getting Sky TV as a new customer or upgrading as an existing one, then you can usually find some great incentives, and they often involve a reduction on the package price for a period of time. We’ve included every Sky contact number you’ll ever need in this guide, which you can hopefully use to find yourself your dream Sky package. 

Sky contact number for Sky TV, Sky Glass and Sky Broadband

If you’re new to Sky and would like to get Sky Glass or Sky TV, or would like to upgrade your existing Sky TV package, you can call our dedicated Sky team on 0330 1656 733.

Sky contact number for Sky Mobile

If you’re interested in joining Sky Mobile and finding out about the best deals then call our Sky Mobile team on 0333 0156 184.

Are Sky contact numbers free?

Whether or not a number is free depends on the type of number you are calling, take a look below: 

0800 numbers are free from landlines, and as of July 2015 they are free from mobiles as well. 0870 numbers are charged, and it can vary depending on whether you call from a landline or mobile. 0333 and 0344 numbers are charged at your normal rate, so it's the same as calling a normal home or business line.

Other Sky contact numbers

Sky’s customer service number

Sky customer service number

There are a number of Sky departments, and you can usually make your way to the right one through the main customer services contact number which is 0333 7591 310.

These Sky contact numbers are available between 8am and 10pm every day of the week, and between 8am and 9pm on weekends. 

If you can't get through to anyone on those numbers then the automated number will direct you to the online help which can be found at Sky Help.

There are several direct numbers which should save you time and get you to the right person. For example, you can get in touch with a Sky TV sales team representative on 0330 1656 733, or a Sky Mobile agent on 0333 0156 184 and these numbers are available from 8am-10pm.

What is the Sky freephone number?

The Sky freephone number is 0800 151 2747, and this is a general Sky customer services line. You should be able to phone this number from a landline or a mobile free of charge, as is the case with all 0800 numbers since July 2015.

As with the 0870 number, you can navigate to different departments using this number, which will have an automated system guiding you at first. If you need to speak to someone directly you will be able to do it with this number.

What is the Sky bundle upgrade and broadband contact number?

What is the Sky bundle upgrade and broadband contact number

If you want to talk to a Sky expert about TV bundles then you can call our sales line on 0330 1656 733 (10am-7pm). You can discuss the various Sky TV bundles, and choose to add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and other options.

What is the Sky downgrade number?

Call 0333 759 3772 to reach the Sky downgrade team. Here you'll be able to take your existing Sky package and change it down to something that better suits your preferences.

What is the Sky technical help number?

If you need technical assistance with Sky, it's worth calling 0333 759 2579.

What is the Sky Talk number?

To talk to an agent about Sky Talk, you are best off phoning the Sky customer services number or freephone number which will get you through to the same place. 

The full list of Sky contact numbers

This table should contain every Sky contact number you could possibly want, depending on your query. Not only have we included the Sky contact number of each department, but the hours of the day each line is open, too.

Sky service

Contact number


Our Sky TV sales & upgrades

0330 1656 733


Our Sky Mobile sales & upgrades

0333 0156 184

9am-8pm (weekdays)

10am-6pm (Saturdays)

Sky customer services

0333 7591 310

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky customer services freephone number

0800 151 2747

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Support for TV, Broadband & Talk

0344 241 1653

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Bills & Payments

0333 202 2133 (automated)

0344 241 1653 (non-automated)

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Account Management

0344 241 1653

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky TV enquiries, UK and Ireland 

08442 411 411

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Mobile General Line

0333 009 1366

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky downgrades

0333 759 3772

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky technical help

0333 759 2579

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Other ways to contact Sky

If you’d rather craft a written note to Sky, find its email address and physical address below. 

Sky’s email address

If your query isn’t as urgent as needing a contact number, you can email Sky at

Sky’s address 

If you want to write to Sky then you can use the following address:

Sky Subscribers Services Ltd 
PO Box 43
West Lothian 
EH54 7DD

Choosing your Sky TV package

Sky has designed its packages so customers can pick and choose what they want. There's the base entertainment pack, and this includes the usual channels you'd expect, as well as Sky Atlantic which features loads of exclusive content.

Then you can tailor your viewing to include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Kids' TV or Box Sets. You can also watch in stunning high definition by adding HD, or get fast home broadband with Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre. The choice is entirely yours!

Call direct for offline deals

Comparing online is fast, easy and a great way to see what's on offer, but it's still a good idea to get in touch by phone and speak to someone who can look at deals for you as you might’ve missed something. 

If you're interested in Sky TV then feel free to give one of our experts a call on 020 4525 0058. They will be able to tell you about the cheapest Sky deals available, and they are expertly trained in how the packages work. You can say exactly what you're interested in and they'll be able to tell you everything you need to know, and get it set up for you if you want to make an order.

Our Sky TV best buys

Sky offers a range of great deals that represent really good value for money, so we've put together a few that we think stand out (prices correct at time of writing).

Ultimate TV - Sky Signature TV + Netflix

£22.00 a month (down from 36.00)

  • Netflix included! 
  • All the very best of Sky, such as Sky Atlantic 
  • Save £14 
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Ultimate TV - Sky Signature + Netflix + Superfast 35 Broadband

£39.00 a month (down from 57.00)

  • Netflix included! 
  • No upfront cost
  • 36Mbps average download speed
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Ultimate TV - Sky Signature + Netflix + Superfast Broadband

£42.00 a month (down from 70.00)

  • Netflix included! 
  • No upfront cost
  • 59Mbps average download speed 
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