Sky Talk

Choose between Sky Pay As You Talk, Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra, Anytime Extra and International Extra for your home phone deal.

What is Sky Talk?

Sky Talk is Sky’s own home phone service that you can take with any of their broadband deals. The basic Sky Pay As You Talk option is automatically included with all of these but there’s another three to choose from if you’d like something more comprehensive.  

You also have the ability to customize the Sky Talk deals we have to offer by adding extra features for a small monthly fee.

Sky Pay As You Talk

Sky Pay As You Talk only charges you for the calls you make meaning it's ideal for those who don't use their home phone that often. Because of this, Sky Pay As You Talk is considered the UK's cheapest home phone service.

How do I get Sky Pay As You Talk?

Sky Pay As You Talk comes as standard with all Sky Broadband deals. You'll only pay for the calls you make which means no added cost will be added onto your package. However, you can pay extra for certain things, such as Evenings & Weekends Extra, Sky Talk Anytime Extra and Sky Talk International Extra. See below for what these added extras can give you.

Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra

Enjoy inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles after 7pm Monday to Friday as well all day at weekends. International landline calls are charged at standard rates and this would cost you have an extra £5 a month added onto your selected Sky package. 

Sky Talk Anytime Extra

With Sky Anytime Extra you'll receive inclusive calls to both UK landlines and mobiles all throughout the week and at weekends. You'll also get International Calls to over 20 destinations for just 2p a minute and this will set you back just £12 a month on top of the cost of your selected Sky subscription.

Sky Talk International Extra

Stay in touch with loved ones all across the world with Sky Talk International Extra which gives you inclusive international calls to 50 destinations. You don't have to worry about neglecting those at home either with inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time, which will only cost you an extra £14 a month!

Sky Line Rental

Sky customers are required to take line rental from Sky as part of their deal which will be included in its overall cost. Included for free with this are features like the ability to withhold your number and dial 1471 to see the last caller’s number. 

Additional features for Sky Talk

If you’d like even more from your Sky Talk deal, you can pay extra each month to add on features like call diversion, three-way calling, call waiting, anonymous caller reject and voicemail plus. 

Sky Talk Deals

You can combine your Sky Talk deal with other Sky services, which is a good way to save money and make things more convenient. Sky's deals are changed and refreshed all the time so it's worth checking regularly for the latest offers.

You can compare all the offers by looking at our Sky deals.

Sky Talk Shield

Sky Talk Shield is Sky's call screening for your landline, helping you block the calls you don't want. It works by adding numbers to certain lists; you add the numbers you want to your Star List and the ones you don't to your Blocked List. Call Screening requires people to identify themselves so when you answer the phone you'll hear a recording of the person's name calling you. You then have a choice to accept the call, add them to the Star or Block List or send them to voicemail. 

Sky Talk Shield is available for free for all Sky Broadband and Sky Talk customers. 

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