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About Sky Broadband

Sky is renowned for its groundbreaking TV service, but you can also get unlimited downloads and inclusive calls with Sky Broadband Essential, Sky Broadband Superfast and Sky Talk. Choose Sky Broadband Superfast for premium speeds or Sky Broadband Essential for the cheapest connection, with Sky Talk giving you a great option for your landline.

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Sky Broadband Superfast

Sky Broadband Superfast is Sky's fibre-optic broadband service, offering excellent download speeds. Fibre-optic technology offers a faster, more efficient way to deliver broadband internet, making it much quicker to stream movies, download music and browse the web.

Sky Broadband Superfast offers unlimited downloads, so there is no cap imposed on your usage, and your unlimited broadband will never be intentionally slowed down by Sky. You get unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots from The Cloud, and this is free of any additional charge.  Evening and weekend calls are also included, and line rental is part of the overall price. 

Sky Broadband Essential

Get an average of 11Mb download speed and genuinely unlimited downloads with Sky Essential Broadband. It's not quite superfast, but it's ideal for casual web users who check email, news and social media.

Sky Broadband Boost

Add the Sky Broadband Boost to your deal to receive an extra level of customer care. Sky will proactively monitor the network by performing daily tests for faults and you’ll be given greater flexibility to have engineer appointments either in the evening or at weekends. 

Take control of your family’s screen time with the Sky Broadband Buddy app. Parents can keep an eye on how their children's devices are being used in and out of the home, manage access to specific apps and websites and even pause the internet, ensuring everyone can come together for a bit of quality time.  

If your broadband service cuts out, the Sky Broadband Boost will also add 2GB worth of free data to your Sky Mobile account. 

Sky Broadband Speeds - ADSL

As with all ADSL connections (the type that uses your phone line, instead of fibre), your Sky Broadband speed is dependent on some external factors.  

This is the maximum download speed you could achieve with your connection, but the likelihood is that your average speed will be lower, as is the case with all ADSL customers. However, you will find that even speeds of 2-4 Mb are fine for casual web browsing and some downloading.

You can also be affected by the area that you live in, because other people using the same kind of web connection as you will slow or crowd the connection.  If you browse the web at off-peak, or less popular, times of the day, you will experience quicker connectivity.

Sky Broadband Deals

Sky Broadband Essential and Sky Broadband Superfast can be taken as part of a larger deal with other services, which saves money and makes things much easier for you.  Using one single provider for different services is convenient, and the incentives on offer are usually worth checking out.

The offers can vary, just to keep them fresh and interesting to new and existing customers, so if you are thinking of getting broadband, or already have it and are considering bundling it with Sky's popular digital TV service, then see the latest Sky Broadband deals.

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